Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Skinny Diaries - watching what you eat!

I haven't really been putting much focus on diet lately, and if I decided to step on the scale tonight I'm sure it would show. Life of a student is stressful to say the least, and when my body experiences stress it does one of two things: I over eat on delicious fatty foods like burgers and fries, pastries, or chocolate ice cream... etc. OR my appetite is completely gone and nothing is edible.

Well, this time, my body has decided to combine the two... I now feel completely nauseated about 70% of the day, and when food actually does sound good.... it’s the salty, fried, fatty foods that my body is ok with ingesting. Luckily though.... I don't eat much of it.
How many of you experience the same things????

I'm at a loss right now... I don't know how to curb this eating issue my body has decided to create – And but right now veggies and sweets are making me gag... and that is so weird.

I'm really hoping this is all over
soon. This can't be healthy.

So I have been thinking , One of the best things to do when trying to monitor what you eat, especially when you want to lose weight is a food diary, its one of thee most effective ways to know what you putting in your body is keeping an account of everything you eat. I like to call mine the ‘skinny diaries’. With many people they believe they are dieting and when its time to step on the scale, they can’t seem to fathom WHY they have not lost weight, or not lost enough of weight. This is because they think the little crumbs of cake and two teaspoons of full cream milk in their tea don’t play a role in their weight loss. With weight, EVERYTHING matters, down to the smallest crumb. So it’s best to keep a record of everything you have eaten, even the minute’s crumb, that way you will know what’s affecting your body and what to cut out.
While its very important to eat food, its important to eat the right food and eliminate the junk. Do it the right way and it will stay off, crash diet and as soon as you SNIFF that cinnabon in the mall, it’s going to pile right back on before you can say the word YUMMY!
In an issue of Shape they did an article on “Foods That Whittle Your Middle,” which I wanted to pass along to all of you! Summer is around the corner and while I know everyone is busy, it’s important to fuel the body properly & eat healthfully. This article broke it down in a clear, concise way with foods that I am sure most of you have in your fridge [ at least, I hope you do ; ) ]
+ Grapefruit: it’s filled with water & fiber. Eating half a grapefruit with meals promotes weight loss. (Now this doesn’t mean eating a full fatty meal with oils and butter and expecting to eat a grapefruit to break it down for you lol, keep it clean and wholesome!!)
+ Spinach: it’s seven calories a cup [ uncooked ]! Spinach has tons of folate which lowers your stress hormones [ stress hormones- that makes you gain weight in your mid section- you want as low stress hormones as possible ]. Add it to smoothies or baked potatoes, eat it in a salad!
+ Eggs: they contain B12, which is an energizing vitamin that helps boost the metabolism & burn fat. Protein also keeps you full. But too much of this can result in weight gain, it’s the egg whites that are healthy, not the egg yolks, monitor how much you eat. And when making your egg, keep the fat you put in it at a bare minimum.
+ Chili Pepper/Flakes: I die over spicy food- it’s my favorite. Add these to hummus, salt and pepper chickens, pizza’s – the day you indulging, etc. to spark the metabolism & increase calorie burning.
+ Dark Chocolate: the perfect dessert in MODERATION & a healthy fat [ other healthy fats: avocado, olive oil, nuts, & olives ].
++ Extra foods that shrink that annoying muffiny looking crap that hangs over the jeans: Greek yogurt [ it's filling ], berries [ loaded with fiber ], & pineapple [ eliminates bloat ]. The best snack during the day is fruit, especially apples, they a source of fibre and keep you full.


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