Saturday, 13 July 2013

balance and determination

Don’t be fearful of living up to your dream.”
Restless. You know the feeling I’m talking about. Your mind won’t turn off, you keep running through scenarios in your head, you can’t seem to sit still.
I believe we all have the potential to reach our dreams if we only have the courage to pursue them, but in not doing so, the best version of ourselves continues to be masked. The feeling of restlessness that was mentioned above is actually a good sign, believe it or not.  A sign that your dreams want to come into fruition.
The easiest thing to do is to succumb to fear and let your dreams slowly drift away. Often times not knowing how our dreams will be accomplished freezes the dreamer and stunts their potential growth.
Here is something to keep in mind, it is okay to not know how you will get there as long as you are continually doing small tasks that put you in a more favorable position to be successful in the arena of your dreams.
“Pick what it is you love, and the success will come because you’re gonna work that much harder at it.”
With each bit of effort, the painting slowly begins to turn into a piece of art. And as the picture gradually comes together, so does your confidence. “Each new step becomes a little surer, and each new grasp a little firmer.”
While it is a good idea to do your research in the field you are interested in and become knowledgeable of other’s success stories, keep in mind that each person will find their own way to success. Even two people such as Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey, who have each made very successful names for themselves in for the most part the same business – television/hosting,  went about making their names in different ways. One had a prominent family name to help get the ball rolling and make connections, while the other began from the ground up.  Don’t get me wrong, each of these women paid their dues and then some, but my point is even as Oprah dreamed of being Barbara Walters, she had to carve her own path to get there.
"Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies."
-Carrie Bradshaw
So whether it be in love or your life passions, my advice today is to remain restless, don’t squash this feeling because it is your dream trying to tell you to chase it, to make it your reality. Don’t settle for what someone else says you should attain in life, capture your dream making it a reality that makes you realize the success you knew you could acquire. Because after all,
“Happiness comes when you have balance and success.”
Steadily go forward with a little blind faith, a strong determination and an undying passion, and you, while remaining in balance, will discover your much earned success.

Friday, 5 July 2013

staying in FABULOUS shape

“Staying” in Fabulous Shape
1. 3 meals & a snack is enough If the right healthy and balanced meals are chosen, this is very possible. It is all about training your mind and your body.

2. Don’t waste calories Try eliminating those moments when you continue to eat even when the food doesn’t taste very good or when you’re in the car – can you really savor what you’re eating? Another way to stop losing calories is to watch what liquids you drink, and when in doubt, drink water.
3. Just walk  Whether it is a vigorous multi-mile walk, working in the yard, cleaning the house or walking to town to do some errands, try to incorporate it somehow into your day. Once you become in the habit of doing this, you will get to a point where you will crave this time to be with yourself.
4. Avoid the sugary treats in the AM Yes, the beautifully decorated and tasty temptations are everywhere when you’re stopping to get your morning caffeine, but try to pass them up as they will not carry you through until lunch.
5. Green tea in the morning 
Known to suppress appetite and ever so slightly, speed up the metabolism.

6. Fiber to fill you up for breakfast (oatmeal or steel oats)
7. Eat your veggies and don’t worry how many. Minus the dip.
8. Almonds – a simple snack One of my favorite afternoon snacks is a handful of almonds, a half of an apple and a few slices of parmesan cheese – oh, and a cup of tea if I can find hot water at work.
9. Eat at a table, enjoy the conversation or something engaging to read
10. Your body has all the resistance you need (yoga anyone?) Try to include one or two sessions of strength training each week, and if you’re worried about bulking up, smaller weights – more reps, or yoga and pilates which require you to use your own body weight – lengthening, not bulking up, your muscles.

11. Find something else to focus on besides food

12. Immerse yourself in your passion and get happy I can look back on the times in my life when I gained a few pounds and those other times when I magically lost a few, and for me both correlated perfectly with my state of happiness and contentedness (happy – weight loss, doubtful – weight gain). Instead of trying to find happiness outside of yourself, seek it from within and discover your passion.  Once you find out what that is, find a way to enjoy it as much as possible.

Get & Stay in Shape?

Why Not . . . Get & Stay in Shape?
“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the assured ways of living a richer and more enjoyable life is to take staying healthy seriously. While our modern day culture provides an array of conveniences enticing us to move as little as possible and eat in abundance, the fact remains, our body is a machine and must be paid attention to regularly.

There are many benefits to staying in shape. Here are just a few: strengthens our immune systems making it better able to adapt to new environments, safeguards our bodies from diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and many other preventable diseases and ailments, increases energy levels, strengthens the mind and acts as an outlet for stress.
I want to share my stories with you today because while I am slender, I’ve had experiences with weight gain, as I know many of you have as well.  It is a daily decision to treat our bodies as the temples that they are instead of the garbage disposable that our junk-food advertisers want us to believe.

Currently, I am at the best weight (not ideal, but best), and what have I realized is that through consistent effort and moderate, consistent exercise and a respect for our bodies, we can all reach our goals. Here is what has worked and the lessons I’ve learned along the path to this realization.
 I was nervous about how to maintain my weight on my own upon going to college without hours spent dripping sweat. And here is the answer on how to do just that...
The “Get” Part
1. Forget Diets First of all, diet by definition is simply what we eat and drink, but the world has turned it into the bad word that it is – deprivation. In the sense of the word, any diet that asks you to change your way of eating and moving temporary to create a permanent situation is not going to work in the long run. Ultimately, it comes down to permanently changing the way we eat. We can taste just about everything we want, but in moderation and fitting into the guidelines of a balanced meal.

2. Change Your Lifestyle Clean out the cupboards. Toss the easy to eat snacks (unless they are fruits and vegetables). Throw out the pop.

3. Challenge, Yet Enjoy Yourself For me, I tried just about every exercise before discovering that simple and less jarring is the best way to go. From running, kick-boxing, step-aerobics, swimming, pilates, tennis, volleyball and rock climbing, I have done them all, part of the team, or on my own. And what I have discovered is walking and yoga has left me fitter and leaner than I ever thought I could be. Yes, yoga can be tough, but for me the benefits are seen not only in my fitness, but in my mental calmness.  Find an exercise that can strike that balance – challenging, yet rewarding and somewhat enjoyable so that you will want to stick with it.
4. Eliminate processed foods
5. Water, Water, Water
6. Think health, not looks The beauty of this is that the looks part is going to be the cherry on the top.  It will come, but it will take time.  So in the meantime and for all time, focus on improving your body for your health.
7. Respect yourself, but be honest Always respect and listen to you body. As my yoga instructor repeatedly reminds us, push until you are uncomfortable, but not until pain. In order to improve we must do something more, yet gradually while paying attention to what our bodies are telling us.  The more in tune we are with it, the best we will be able to take care of it and thus, ourselves.


Paris fashion week day 4: zuhair murad

Last, but not least, Zuhair Murad’s exquisitely feminine, lace and beaded collection was a fitting end to a glamorous week in Paris. Full of gowns and sheer detailed bodysuits, I think you’ll find each item quite fetching for one reason or another.


fashion week Day 3 :Elie Saab , JPG and Valentino

It's no surprise that Elie Saab is my favourite designer, I adore all his designs and looks, and the pastel colours of beaded fabric always send my heart racing, there is no Elie Saab wear that I wish I did not own... And I am sure you feel the same way!!
And lets be honest, Who doesn't love valentine, even if it is for the name itself.
Day three in Paris did not disappoint. Elie Saab’s beaded romantic creations continued to impress with sultry red, green, silver and blue hues. Jean Paul Gaultier infused his collection with touches of leopard and fascinators that are reminiscent of a retro chic era. And lastly, the regal Valentino Fall 2013/14 Couture collection was feminine, yet strong with rich camels, tweeds and plaids, as well as printed silks. Have a look and click on the designer’s name to view the entire collection. 




Tuesday, 2 July 2013

magical mondays--- Because it doesn't always have to suck!

Monday often becomes labelled as the red-headed stepchild of the seven day week, but that’s only if we aren’t prepared for it and choose not to take advantage of all that it offers. 
Today, I’d like to reveal four tips on how to ensure that Monday becomes a much more enjoyable day in the work week. After all, Monday is the first impression for the rest of the week that sets the tone and can potentially become a day that instead of dreading becomes a day that is respected for its ability to keep us grounded, helping to balance our work and play in a successful manner.
Use the Weekend as a Springboard
While every weekend has its own unique identity, there are a handful of regular things I make sure to do before Monday rolls around in order to help make Monday as successful and productive as possible. Here are my five regular things to do during the weekend no matter what else I may have planned.
Check off the To-Dos
There are usually errands that can’t be completed during the week that begin to pile up just waiting to be dealt with when Saturday arrives.  Take the time to group them all together and complete them on Saturday rather than Sunday so that you aren’t burdening yourself with the reminder all weekend of this nagging task.
Stay on Schedule
With regards to your body, try to sleep 6-8 hours as well as staying as close to your “to bed” and “to rise” times as well. Adhering to the same times as best as possible keeps your body in a rhythm, so that when Monday arrives, waking up at five, six or seven, isn’t a shock.
Scheduling time to relax is a must.  After all, unwinding and getting lost in activities we love is what the weekends are for.  In order to perform our best during the week, we must strike a balance and rejuvenate over the weekend.
Don’t Overbook
Simply because everything you have planned for the weekend involves activities and people you love, be diligent about not overbooking yourself which may potentially cause you to see the week as more of a respite than the two day weekend.  Be savvy with your energy levels and time.  After all, we only have so much to give and use.
A Moment to Plan
Call me crazy, but this is something that I look forward to during my Sunday afternoons. Carving out time to sit down with my planner and look at the week in front of me, prepares me for what I have to accomplish and reminds me that getting a good night’s sleep is imperative if I’m going to function at my best. This is also a great time to plan the week’s meals, create a grocery list and make sure all of the clothes you will need are washed, laundered and ready to be worn.
  • Plan weekly meals
  • Grocery Shop
  • Laundry – ironing, dry cleaners, etc
A Workout is a Must
Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, made a simple suggestion for a happier week that until I had read was something I never considered, but at the same time, wondered why I hadn’t thought of it earlier.  Always workout on Monday. Why? Beginning the week by checking one workout off your list immediately as the week begins and taking the time to take of your body is sure to have a positive effect on your energy levels and mood.
Tackle the Tough First
When you get to work, choose to complete a task that will bring great relief when it is successfully put to bed.  Knowing you have been quite productive early in the week provides inspiration and lifts your confidence as you proceed through the week, ultimately setting a positive tone.
A Good Night’s Sleep
I know I mentioned it at the beginning of the post, but because of its importance, it’s worth repeating.  Go to bed at a decent time, so that when that alarm clock begins to sing, you are capable of starting the day out on the right foot.
With these simple tips, Monday no longer has to be a day to dread, but instead can become a day to ground us and begin the week on a very good note.
Wishing you an any colour Monday... but blue!

ways to look wonderful!

Tips For Looking Fantastic Each Day
 New York Fashion Week has come and gone and while the shows continue across the pond, I’m always left dreaming and wondering how I can update, incorporate and build upon the wardrobe I already have with the ideas that were shown on the runways. Such questions can cause anyone to throw their hands up with all of the choices, so I’d like to leave you with five tips on how to effortlessly and confidently leave the house each morning looking stylish, pulled together and most importantly, comfortable in your own skin.

Listen To Candice Bergen
Faith Ford once shared the best piece of advice she received regarding fashion from working with Candice Bergen on the set of Murphy Brown – whether your outfit is Chanel or hand me downs, a quality shoe instantly transforms the look from something so-so, to something with tremendous style.  Never cut corners when it comes to your footwear.

Have A Solid Foundation
Lauren Conrad recently shared in her soon to be released book Lauren Conrad Style that by beginning your entire look centered upon one easy piece such as a sheath dress, you’ve already won half of the battle. Now all that is needed is some complementary accessories and beautifully coiffed hair, topped off with stunning flats or heels.

Choose Correctly
Undergarments that is.  The easiest way to add sophistication or to take it away has everything to do with the lingerie and support clothing that is worn underneath.  Consider them absolute necessities when it comes to looking your best.
Don’t Leave Home Without It
The perfect tote for day or clutch for evening is a simple way to add a pop of glitz to a neutral outfit, or a touch of sophistication to an outfit that you’re taking a risk with. The purse a woman carries with her is quite revealing, so be sure to always consider what you want to say.
Add A Belt
A quick and simple way to add a touch of femininity is to show off your waist with the perfect belt.  Whether it be a corset or a skinny belt, the effect can do wonders to pull an outfit that was otherwise just okay to something that is absolutely stunning.

Add A Pop Of Color
Sticking with neutrals for the majority of your wardrobe and adding color by way of your accessories, jacket or shoes, is an easy way to change up the same pair of trousers, dress or beautiful cashmere sweater.

Now rest assured, you will look fantastic each day whether you are wearing a piece of clothing for the first time or simply changing up an item that continually impresses with each outing.