Tuesday, 2 July 2013

magical mondays--- Because it doesn't always have to suck!

Monday often becomes labelled as the red-headed stepchild of the seven day week, but that’s only if we aren’t prepared for it and choose not to take advantage of all that it offers. 
Today, I’d like to reveal four tips on how to ensure that Monday becomes a much more enjoyable day in the work week. After all, Monday is the first impression for the rest of the week that sets the tone and can potentially become a day that instead of dreading becomes a day that is respected for its ability to keep us grounded, helping to balance our work and play in a successful manner.
Use the Weekend as a Springboard
While every weekend has its own unique identity, there are a handful of regular things I make sure to do before Monday rolls around in order to help make Monday as successful and productive as possible. Here are my five regular things to do during the weekend no matter what else I may have planned.
Check off the To-Dos
There are usually errands that can’t be completed during the week that begin to pile up just waiting to be dealt with when Saturday arrives.  Take the time to group them all together and complete them on Saturday rather than Sunday so that you aren’t burdening yourself with the reminder all weekend of this nagging task.
Stay on Schedule
With regards to your body, try to sleep 6-8 hours as well as staying as close to your “to bed” and “to rise” times as well. Adhering to the same times as best as possible keeps your body in a rhythm, so that when Monday arrives, waking up at five, six or seven, isn’t a shock.
Scheduling time to relax is a must.  After all, unwinding and getting lost in activities we love is what the weekends are for.  In order to perform our best during the week, we must strike a balance and rejuvenate over the weekend.
Don’t Overbook
Simply because everything you have planned for the weekend involves activities and people you love, be diligent about not overbooking yourself which may potentially cause you to see the week as more of a respite than the two day weekend.  Be savvy with your energy levels and time.  After all, we only have so much to give and use.
A Moment to Plan
Call me crazy, but this is something that I look forward to during my Sunday afternoons. Carving out time to sit down with my planner and look at the week in front of me, prepares me for what I have to accomplish and reminds me that getting a good night’s sleep is imperative if I’m going to function at my best. This is also a great time to plan the week’s meals, create a grocery list and make sure all of the clothes you will need are washed, laundered and ready to be worn.
  • Plan weekly meals
  • Grocery Shop
  • Laundry – ironing, dry cleaners, etc
A Workout is a Must
Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, made a simple suggestion for a happier week that until I had read was something I never considered, but at the same time, wondered why I hadn’t thought of it earlier.  Always workout on Monday. Why? Beginning the week by checking one workout off your list immediately as the week begins and taking the time to take of your body is sure to have a positive effect on your energy levels and mood.
Tackle the Tough First
When you get to work, choose to complete a task that will bring great relief when it is successfully put to bed.  Knowing you have been quite productive early in the week provides inspiration and lifts your confidence as you proceed through the week, ultimately setting a positive tone.
A Good Night’s Sleep
I know I mentioned it at the beginning of the post, but because of its importance, it’s worth repeating.  Go to bed at a decent time, so that when that alarm clock begins to sing, you are capable of starting the day out on the right foot.
With these simple tips, Monday no longer has to be a day to dread, but instead can become a day to ground us and begin the week on a very good note.
Wishing you an any colour Monday... but blue!

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