Monday, 6 April 2015

” La simplicité fait la beauté ” . Fabulous Fit and Fun's Interview with Firas Abou Hamdan!

” La simplicité fait la beauté ” (Beauty lies in simplicity) is the statement summarizing Firas Abou Hamdan’s beliefs and ideals. He is one of the major players in the Arab Fashion specially in Kuwait where he debuted his career.

Designer Firas Abou Hamdan. (Picture Provided by Firas)

Firas Abou Hamdan, a name that is taking the fashion world by storm. Born in Beirut- like Elie Saab, Firas is destined to be a household name world wide.

Influenced by his Father,  a fashion designer for men, Firas used to spend most of his childhood helping his father in his atelier. With time he discovered that his passion for that 'fashion' so to speak , grew. Firas says 'my father was my inspiration that pushed and motivated me to become who I am now'.

Firas, who speaks three languages: Arabic, French and English took time out of his busy schedule to speak to Fabulous fit and fun. During our interview (which took many telephone calls and emails - Sorry Firas!)I was struck by the fact that Firas was So humble, honest and accommodating, not to mention a meticulous fashion designer and a kind human being.

Firas who is 34 years of age, took me back to
 his childhood,
 " growing up in Lebanon was as though you live in a fashion house, Beirut was and is still headquarters to everything related to art, beauty and fashion.
Beirut is the only feminine capital in the MEA that's why I find her to be a beautiful women who knows how to be elegant in every way ... In addition I find that the Lebanese women are the most well dressed women in the world Thats why I am now a fashion designer ".

Firas studied and graduated from a Lebanese fashion college CAMM    ( college artistique de la mode moderne ) he has also designed a collection of bags and shoes and is now preparing for a new one (collection of bags and shoes including wedding accessories).

The most important thing when dressing a woman according to firas is the 'combination of simplicity elegance & seduction, each elegant, beautiful, well dressed & fashionable woman inspires me.'

Firas: "My favourite fashion looks from The Oscars 2015 was Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad mermaid gown And from The Golden Globes 2015 Was Amal Alamuddin Clooney in a simple black gown."
Firas, who has worked with many Lebanese Singers like Sarah Al Hani, Sabine, Mirva Kadi ... And lately with the Egyptian Actress Nelly Karim, Now boasts his newest collection- called 'Glow' it contains long and short colourful dresses, in beautiful pastel shades - a truly magical and magnificent experience for any woman to wear.

" In this collection I focused to show the beauty of body by using a special materials and fabrics ( flowers & Leaves ) that was especially made for Glow.
Each collection has a theme, that's why I have chosen a virgin forest as location because I want to show how a  woman can be fresh & stunning in a natural place ."

Gorgeous Gown from the 'Glow' Collection.

One of my favourite dresses from the 'Glow' Collection.

Firas who has also had his fashion house in Kuwait and often travels to Dubai to dress Brides in his magnificent Designs says "fashion is an art of beauty and creativity. It is not something that exists in dresses only, fashion has no limits, it is the way we live ... All that pushed me into this field"

To contact Firas please use the Details below.

Ghassan Boulos Bldg, 1st Floor Sin El Fil Lebanon
 Tel: +961 1 495 717 Mob: +961 3 464 717
 Instagram: firasabouhamdan Twitter: Abouhamdanfiras

Written by: Mishka Osman