Friday, 28 February 2014

I am celebrating my 100th blog post (Whaaaaaat!!!) ... PRETTY EXCITING!!! Yes I am too in total shock I couldn't believe it myself either. FabFitFun made it to 100 posts regardless of the little breaks here and there. I mean it just goes to show that you should never ever quit, regardless of how tough it may get sometimes because if you did am sure you wouldn't get anywhere in life.
I know lately I havn't been blogging much... BUT I am back again with lots more information, entertainment and interesting topics to share with you.

Oscars 2014

Our host for the oscars
On Sunday, March 2nd, the Oscars return to crown their favourites on the silver screen, and while I too have my favourites, Jennifer Laurence, it truly is nearly impossible to choose as each actor is given different scripts, paired with different actors and directors, and simply by being nominated deserves to be celebrated.
And while I share my list of ideas on how to celebrate the Oscars this weekend, make no mistake, I will be in my pyjamas, relaxing and luxuriating in the style, the speeches and Ellen DeGeneres’ hosting prowess. But even though I may be in casual attire, it doesn’t mean that a celebration at one’s home can’t occur.
Here are a few ideas for creating a festive occasion for one, two or many fans of the Academy Awards.
1. Don’t Forget the Red Carpet
Beginning on E! nearly three hours before the awards begin, red carpet arrivals will be analysed and criticized. Save yourself time and tune in one hour before the show goes live. Keep your phone with you, follow hashtags on Twitter such as #Oscars2014 or #redcarpet and you will easily be able to see all of the top dresses as they arrive. And be sure, I will be sharing my favourites next week as well here on the blog.
2. Vote!
With 24 different categories, test your film savvy by printing out a ballot prior to the show and see how well you do. If you’re feeling really lucky, create a pool on top categories with your friends – wager money, sweet treats or simply the recognition until next year as the Oscar Aficionado Extraordinaire!
3. Bring the drinks
Whether you choose a sparkly water, hot chocolate or tea, add something fabulous to toast with to begin the festivities and raise your glass with each time Ellen tells a knock-em dead joke, your actor/actress/film wins an award or you see a dress that leaves you speechless. In other words, have fun with the drink of choice to add a little flavour to the festivities.
4. Ah, Desserts
Perhaps you want to make something sweet and decadent to fit the occasion or maybe, like me, you’ll want to stop at your favourite patisserie or bakery and pick up an expertly made mini cake with chocolate ganache or almost-too-good-to-eat cupcakes. Whichever you choose, a night of celebration without question needs to be savoured, and a luxurious sweet confection certainly sounds divinely apropos.
While I must admit, I haven’t seen too many of the films nominated, I already am eager to watch American Hustle, The Invisible Woman, Before Midnight and Frozen (okay, as you may have noticed, my list doesn’t include many of the Best Picture nominees, but that’s just how some years go), and after Sunday evening, I have a feeling there will be a few more added to my list.
Be sure to tune in to the 86th annual Academy Awards on Sunday, 8:30 (ET) on ABC with Live Red Carpet coverage beginning at 7pm (ET). Monday Morning in South Africa live from the red carpet on E! and Monday evening on M-net. Please share below your favourite's and which films you recommend watching from this year’s list.