Friday, 22 August 2014

Welcome to "Circus" --- A culinary adventure!
The name says it all.
Taking a stroll through Covent Garden --- The west end of London which is synonymous for its theatres and drama's, Why not enjoy dinner and a show at the same place: "Circus" an enigmatic but well known London restaurant which is renowned not only for its opulence and theatrics but as well as its fantastic food.
Circus, often described as a hidden treasure, is masked behind brown doors.
Behind the covert doors lays a fantasy world.

Once behind those covert doors, you will be transported into a decadent dream world infused with acrobats, cabaret, dancing and an award winning cocktail bar for those of you who drink.
Circus boasts glamorous interiors making you believe you are in an alternate world of burlesque with its kaleidoscopic mirrors and 'runway' stage which is not only for nightly entertaining but is also used as a banqueting table.

This pan Asian restaurant which have hosted guests such as Princess Beatrice of York and British pop group The Saturdays will have you salivating at their delicious menu. Who can resist a Langoustine tempura with red chilli and nori seasoning?

Circus is designed to entertain and relax guests while providing succulent pan Asian means, be it from the A La Carte menu of sushi (ranging from 8 to 15 £) or hot meals such as red chicken curry (view menu here). Circus also provides a sharing menu for guests of 4 or more and if all this fantasy does not get you tickling their decadently delicious desserts will. My favourite is without a doubt the doughnuts and Magnums. Circus lets you pre-order your cakes from them for special occasions.

baby veg tempura
crayfish Salaad


The interlinked restaurant , lounge and bar provide an ambience all guests can enjoy whether you are a dinner or drinker-- guests can be rest assured everything will be tasteful as Circus only caters to those 21 and above.

Join Circus for Lunch, Drinks or dinner as chef Andrew Lassetters kitchen team are revealed cooking in an open kitchen, which is a fantastic show in itself.


Circus is also available for events hire having hosted events for Burberry, Hermes and Louis Vuitton.
Circus reveals their performances and entertainers in the evening to ensure there is an element of excitement and mystery.

This secluded hidden treasure is definitely one of a kind filled with adventure and excitement.
27-29 Endell Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9BA
Hope you visit them soon and let us know what you think!


rise and shine!

During the last few weeks I’ve learned to love mornings.  There is nothing better than starting the day with the birds, breathing in the fresh air and watching the sunrise over the treetops.  My appreciation of mornings first began a few months ago when I found myself not looking forward to the morning hours as much as I used to. Perhaps it was having such a busy schedule every day and finding myself rushing around almost before the day had started.
So I made a point of rediscovering the joy in mornings.   Taking time to appreciate the fresh, crisp air, the wonderful feeling of a new day breaking or a quiet solitary moment were small ways I began to enjoy mornings more.  My appreciation of my morning time is growing as I continue to implement small changes into my daily routine as listed below.
Plan an delicious and nutritious breakfast.  Planning breakfast the night before is an essential.  I’ve been soaking oats the night before and upon waking, I pop them on the stove (or microwave) and within a few minutes I hve a steaming-hot breakfast!
Sleep in total darkness.  A good nights rest will aid you in feeling fresh and alive the next morning! Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is produced in the darkness.
Drink water before going to bed and immediately after waking. Ending your day with water is one of the best ways to help your body store nutrients and minerals.  Starting your day with water aids your body in rehydrating itself and you’ll feel much more refreshed.
Turn off the phone.  Honestly, we all know why!
Plan your day ahead the previous night.   Nothing really stresses me more than going to bed with a million ‘to-do’s’ running through my mind!  Plan your day before you hit the pillow.  If you are like me and think of the things at any crazy hour, keep a pen and paper by your bed.
Spending time in solitary.  One of my greatest joys of the morning is spending what I call ‘quiet time’.  Usually spent alone and in silence, I can gather my thoughts, meditate and plan the details of my day.
Wake up to music. Not only do I love the quiet times of the morning but I love to start the day with joy!  I usually start streaming some of my favourite tunes as I’m getting dressed and doing my hair for the day.
How do you like to start the day?

Thursday, 8 May 2014

100 HAPPY DAYS!! #100happydays

I’ve seen this campaign pop up a few times over the last few weeks but only recently researched to see what it was.
Turn’s out it’s pretty damn cool.
It seems we are all short on time – time to see our families, time to concentrate on our health, time to work or even just time for ourselves.
With today’s fast paced society – it’s really important for us to take the time to enjoy the moment we are in.
Personally – I am the worst at this. I always tend to get into something (be it work, study, currently my blog and baking) and I forget all else. I am always working towards something, looking forward and rarely take the time to appreciate the present.
If you’re like me in this way, this challenge is for YOU.
To highlight to yourself things that make you happy or you are grateful for.
It’s not about showing off your amazing, glamorous lifestyle – more a reminder to appreciate what’s around you.
So, what do you have to do?
  • Register here.
  • Choose your social media platform – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. You can even just submit them to the website if you don’t wish to publicise your photos.
  • Post 1 photo a day for 100 days of something that made YOU happy. This can be as simple as a flower you liked or a loved one you’re with.
  • Hashtag #100happydays or choose your own hashtag. Mine is #100happydays.
That’s it.
The campaign states that people successfully completing the challenge claimed to:
  •  Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
  •  Be in a better mood every day;
  •  Start receiving more compliments from other people;
  •  Realise how lucky they are to have the life they have;
  • Become more optimistic;
  • Fall in love during the challenge.
That all sounds pretty great doesn’t it?
The campaign says they’ll even send you a little 100 page book with your 100 happy days at the finish line of the challenge – pretty cool huh?
So what are you waiting for? Register now and start being happier.

Friday, 28 March 2014

confidence is key

“If you’re not happy single, you won’t be happy taken. Happiness comes from within, not from men.”
Being single should be one of the most enjoyable times in your life. And whether you are single right now or not, we all should be at some point in our lives.
The freedom, the choices, and the options are endless. As long as you have the confidence to claim it and celebrate it, you’ll spend your time living the exact life you want. Follow this checklist and you’ll be exuding confidence that will knock everyone’s socks off and leave you enjoying every single minute.

Own It
Yes, you’re single and thank goodness! Make a conscious choice everyday to revel in the benefits of being on your own. Instead of allowing your married friends or family members to pity you, have a lovely comeback that exudes your confidence and sense of humor. This will immediately demonstrate that being single is just as much of a choice as being married. After all, the possibilities are truly endless, and who knows what intriguing bachelor you might meet tomorrow.

Accept All Invitations
The beauty of being single is that you don’t have to coordinate schedules. With that in mind, accept all invitations, even if they are to an art exhibit you haven’t the foggiest idea about. By keeping an open mind and stepping into new and different situations, you are exposing yourself to new avenues for inspiration and networking with all types of people. These connections could lead to a new job, a new travel destination, a new friend, or maybe a potentially a new love. Consider it a broadening of your education, and welcome it. Who knows when your knowledge of Andy Warhol paintings may come in handy?

Pursue Your Passions
Feel fortunate to have the opportunity to explore what makes you lose all track of time. So often people choose a profession at an age when they don’t even know what makes their heart sing. While you may already have a career that is well on track, don’t be afraid to start up a blog, open a small business or explore your hobbies more deeply. After all, a confident woman is a woman who knows herself.
Be Well-Read
If you want to feel confident enough to strike up a conversation with almost anyone, know what to talk about. Knowledge comes from doing as well as reading. So pick up that best-seller you’ve heard so much about, gather your girlfriends up and start a monthly book club. If nothing else, it will be a great excuse to catch up.
Know Your Style
Nothing exudes more confidence when it comes to first impressions than a woman who walks into a room with her held high and donning fabulously tailored clothes. Regardless of your shape – tall, short, pear, apple, whatever, rock what your mother gave you. If you have amazing hair, take it up a notch by asking your stylist to add just enough pop of highlights and a bit of layers to make even Jennifer Aniston envious. If you have curves to challenge Brigitte Bardot, feel free to flaunt them – a little less in the day and a touch more at night.
Let Go of Limitations
The biggest mistake any woman can make is to want something but be too fearful to attempt to achieve it. For example, you might have a beautiful voice, but if you don’t have the gumption to stand up and sing, no one will know. Stand up. Facing your fears builds your confidence. Facing your fears demonstrates that often times the task itself isn’t so daunting after all. It’s the build-up in your head that makes you believe it will be so much more difficult.
Again, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I realize that many of my readers are either married or involved with a person they deem to be very significant.  Ultimately, healthy relationships of any kind are the goal whether it be at work, with our family and friends or with our significant other, but I would encourage all of us to be supporters of single women so that we might project it for the amazing experience it can be.  Some of us will choose and have chosen to make this a permanent state, while for others it is only temporary. The idea to always keep in mind is the quote stated above. Happy and contented people create fulfilling and healthy relationships.  Take the time to revel in the opportunity when it presents it self and don’t run away from it, but instead embrace it.
“Being single used to mean nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.” – Sarah Jessica Parker
Have a beautiful Friday everyone, and if you’d like to share your experience of being single and what you were able to revel in and enjoy, I’d love to hear.  Please do share.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

radiance... we all want it.. why not achieve it?

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”–Coco Chanel


Taking care of our skin is one of the most indulgent chores a woman must partake in. While it does take more time to be diligent about regular upkeep, this time can be moulded into a luxurious experience whether at home or at a spa.
I can remember as a very young girl having read Teen magazine and making my list of beauty rituals that I looked forward to following. From my weekly manicure, bi-weekly pedicure and weekly facial, I would complete them all in the comfort of my own home. These experiences were a treat that allowed me to feel truly pampered.
By choosing to take care of our skin, we are adding life and youth to our years and subtly strengthening an inner self-confidence that says, “I’m most definitely worth it.” And while the benefits take time to show themselves, after decades of following your regimen, when someone mistakes you for a woman half your age, you will realize what others are missing out on and that all of your time and money were well worth it.
Here is a list of simple ways to take care of your skin. What you will notice is that most of these ideas can be done at home and are only a matter of making time in your schedule. However, I highly suggest pampering yourself every once and while and booking an appointment at the spa for an hour or so of relaxation.
1. Wash face every night before going to bed.
2. Apply moisturizer and eye cream before turning in.
3. Moisturize entire body after showers and baths.
4. Seasonal facials at a pampering spa
5. Weekly facials at home.
6. Use SPF 30 sunscreen or higher

7. Smile, laugh in excess.8. Use tinted moisturizer with SPF protection in lieu of foundation
9. Moisturize neck and chest as often as your face.
10. Enjoy accessorizing – hats and oversized sunglasses.

11. Use richer body lotion for dry seasons (fall & winter)12. Use concealer – a gift to women! (I can’t speak highly enough of Bobbi Brown’s)
13. Wax eyebrows for an instant eye lift.
14. Use a gentle facial scrub a few times a week.
15. Eliminate smoking.
16. Drink in moderation.
17. Enjoy regular exercise.
18. Vaseline is a frugal, versatile beauty product – moisturize lips, cuticles and feet.
19. To zap blemishes, use toothpaste before going to bed.
20. For healthy bronzed skin, schedule an appointment to be airbrushed or receive a spray tan.
21. Drink water – make it your drink of choice to hydrate your skin and flush out your system.
22. Get 6-9 hours of sleep regularly
23. savour a whole body massage.And if there is something that you think should be added to the list, please do share.

Why hello there March.. You sneaky little devil!!



wow... is it just me or is this year already going incredibly fast?? It really seems like time is flying!!

Thank you so much for stopping by on FabFitFun this week. It's been a great week for me and I enjoyed so much getting back to my regular blogging habits, visiting your pages and reading your kind comments. May your weekend be filled with love, tulle and macaroons and don't forget that weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless...

Have a lovely weekend!! SEE you Monday!

Friday, 28 February 2014

I am celebrating my 100th blog post (Whaaaaaat!!!) ... PRETTY EXCITING!!! Yes I am too in total shock I couldn't believe it myself either. FabFitFun made it to 100 posts regardless of the little breaks here and there. I mean it just goes to show that you should never ever quit, regardless of how tough it may get sometimes because if you did am sure you wouldn't get anywhere in life.
I know lately I havn't been blogging much... BUT I am back again with lots more information, entertainment and interesting topics to share with you.

Oscars 2014

Our host for the oscars
On Sunday, March 2nd, the Oscars return to crown their favourites on the silver screen, and while I too have my favourites, Jennifer Laurence, it truly is nearly impossible to choose as each actor is given different scripts, paired with different actors and directors, and simply by being nominated deserves to be celebrated.
And while I share my list of ideas on how to celebrate the Oscars this weekend, make no mistake, I will be in my pyjamas, relaxing and luxuriating in the style, the speeches and Ellen DeGeneres’ hosting prowess. But even though I may be in casual attire, it doesn’t mean that a celebration at one’s home can’t occur.
Here are a few ideas for creating a festive occasion for one, two or many fans of the Academy Awards.
1. Don’t Forget the Red Carpet
Beginning on E! nearly three hours before the awards begin, red carpet arrivals will be analysed and criticized. Save yourself time and tune in one hour before the show goes live. Keep your phone with you, follow hashtags on Twitter such as #Oscars2014 or #redcarpet and you will easily be able to see all of the top dresses as they arrive. And be sure, I will be sharing my favourites next week as well here on the blog.
2. Vote!
With 24 different categories, test your film savvy by printing out a ballot prior to the show and see how well you do. If you’re feeling really lucky, create a pool on top categories with your friends – wager money, sweet treats or simply the recognition until next year as the Oscar Aficionado Extraordinaire!
3. Bring the drinks
Whether you choose a sparkly water, hot chocolate or tea, add something fabulous to toast with to begin the festivities and raise your glass with each time Ellen tells a knock-em dead joke, your actor/actress/film wins an award or you see a dress that leaves you speechless. In other words, have fun with the drink of choice to add a little flavour to the festivities.
4. Ah, Desserts
Perhaps you want to make something sweet and decadent to fit the occasion or maybe, like me, you’ll want to stop at your favourite patisserie or bakery and pick up an expertly made mini cake with chocolate ganache or almost-too-good-to-eat cupcakes. Whichever you choose, a night of celebration without question needs to be savoured, and a luxurious sweet confection certainly sounds divinely apropos.
While I must admit, I haven’t seen too many of the films nominated, I already am eager to watch American Hustle, The Invisible Woman, Before Midnight and Frozen (okay, as you may have noticed, my list doesn’t include many of the Best Picture nominees, but that’s just how some years go), and after Sunday evening, I have a feeling there will be a few more added to my list.
Be sure to tune in to the 86th annual Academy Awards on Sunday, 8:30 (ET) on ABC with Live Red Carpet coverage beginning at 7pm (ET). Monday Morning in South Africa live from the red carpet on E! and Monday evening on M-net. Please share below your favourite's and which films you recommend watching from this year’s list.