Wednesday, 29 August 2012

been baking up a storm!

Everybody knows that baking is fabulous and fun but not so fit! and since the eid festivities have just recently passed , everyones kitchens have been used to the max!
who ever said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels has obviously never tasted the yummy treats we been making ;)
on a daily basis and for many occassions mum and i take to the kitchen. baking is one of the best and most rewarding hobbies one can have!  I love baking, eating and all things foodie and I can't think of a better way of showing someone you care than with freshly-baked goodies or a home-made piece of something yum ;)
each little goodie comes with its very own memory! or adventure in the kitchen, whether its good or bad!
heres a look at all the fun and indulgent goodies we been having!
this is a yummy chocolate cake, with a bar one icing and a gooey chocolate centre. topped with delicious chocolate curls!
 this one is one of our favs.. melting moments, filled with butter. moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips
 delicious homemade cinnabons topped with pecans and a delicious sauce
 a delicious baked peppermint cheesecake decorated with homemade truffles
 this is ice cream, one of my personal favourites.
 a soft chocolate spongecake
 custard biscuits, always a crowd pleaser
 chocolate squares, a first attempt
 this was something made for a eid celebration, it was a real crowd pleaser, especially for those who love coffee. it was a coffee cake with a delicious coffee icing topped with homemade praline and pecans. super delicious.
a chocolate swiss roll
 a lindt mousse with strawberries and chocolate sticks
 jam tarts
 i have never seen a cake get eaten quicker than this one. the chocolate sauce was a hit
cute mini home made ice cream with chocolate sauce
 vanilla cuppies with a milky-bar centre
 my very first chocolate mousse, this was a choc-mint crumble, at the bottom was a yummy mint crumble base.
 a tasty chocolate chip cake
pecan pillow and coffee log biscuits
 pecan an date pastries
 mini caramel swiss rolls
chocolate cake.