Saturday, 1 March 2014

radiance... we all want it.. why not achieve it?

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”–Coco Chanel


Taking care of our skin is one of the most indulgent chores a woman must partake in. While it does take more time to be diligent about regular upkeep, this time can be moulded into a luxurious experience whether at home or at a spa.
I can remember as a very young girl having read Teen magazine and making my list of beauty rituals that I looked forward to following. From my weekly manicure, bi-weekly pedicure and weekly facial, I would complete them all in the comfort of my own home. These experiences were a treat that allowed me to feel truly pampered.
By choosing to take care of our skin, we are adding life and youth to our years and subtly strengthening an inner self-confidence that says, “I’m most definitely worth it.” And while the benefits take time to show themselves, after decades of following your regimen, when someone mistakes you for a woman half your age, you will realize what others are missing out on and that all of your time and money were well worth it.
Here is a list of simple ways to take care of your skin. What you will notice is that most of these ideas can be done at home and are only a matter of making time in your schedule. However, I highly suggest pampering yourself every once and while and booking an appointment at the spa for an hour or so of relaxation.
1. Wash face every night before going to bed.
2. Apply moisturizer and eye cream before turning in.
3. Moisturize entire body after showers and baths.
4. Seasonal facials at a pampering spa
5. Weekly facials at home.
6. Use SPF 30 sunscreen or higher

7. Smile, laugh in excess.8. Use tinted moisturizer with SPF protection in lieu of foundation
9. Moisturize neck and chest as often as your face.
10. Enjoy accessorizing – hats and oversized sunglasses.

11. Use richer body lotion for dry seasons (fall & winter)12. Use concealer – a gift to women! (I can’t speak highly enough of Bobbi Brown’s)
13. Wax eyebrows for an instant eye lift.
14. Use a gentle facial scrub a few times a week.
15. Eliminate smoking.
16. Drink in moderation.
17. Enjoy regular exercise.
18. Vaseline is a frugal, versatile beauty product – moisturize lips, cuticles and feet.
19. To zap blemishes, use toothpaste before going to bed.
20. For healthy bronzed skin, schedule an appointment to be airbrushed or receive a spray tan.
21. Drink water – make it your drink of choice to hydrate your skin and flush out your system.
22. Get 6-9 hours of sleep regularly
23. savour a whole body massage.And if there is something that you think should be added to the list, please do share.

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