Tuesday, 2 July 2013

ways to look wonderful!

Tips For Looking Fantastic Each Day
 New York Fashion Week has come and gone and while the shows continue across the pond, I’m always left dreaming and wondering how I can update, incorporate and build upon the wardrobe I already have with the ideas that were shown on the runways. Such questions can cause anyone to throw their hands up with all of the choices, so I’d like to leave you with five tips on how to effortlessly and confidently leave the house each morning looking stylish, pulled together and most importantly, comfortable in your own skin.

Listen To Candice Bergen
Faith Ford once shared the best piece of advice she received regarding fashion from working with Candice Bergen on the set of Murphy Brown – whether your outfit is Chanel or hand me downs, a quality shoe instantly transforms the look from something so-so, to something with tremendous style.  Never cut corners when it comes to your footwear.

Have A Solid Foundation
Lauren Conrad recently shared in her soon to be released book Lauren Conrad Style that by beginning your entire look centered upon one easy piece such as a sheath dress, you’ve already won half of the battle. Now all that is needed is some complementary accessories and beautifully coiffed hair, topped off with stunning flats or heels.

Choose Correctly
Undergarments that is.  The easiest way to add sophistication or to take it away has everything to do with the lingerie and support clothing that is worn underneath.  Consider them absolute necessities when it comes to looking your best.
Don’t Leave Home Without It
The perfect tote for day or clutch for evening is a simple way to add a pop of glitz to a neutral outfit, or a touch of sophistication to an outfit that you’re taking a risk with. The purse a woman carries with her is quite revealing, so be sure to always consider what you want to say.
Add A Belt
A quick and simple way to add a touch of femininity is to show off your waist with the perfect belt.  Whether it be a corset or a skinny belt, the effect can do wonders to pull an outfit that was otherwise just okay to something that is absolutely stunning.

Add A Pop Of Color
Sticking with neutrals for the majority of your wardrobe and adding color by way of your accessories, jacket or shoes, is an easy way to change up the same pair of trousers, dress or beautiful cashmere sweater.

Now rest assured, you will look fantastic each day whether you are wearing a piece of clothing for the first time or simply changing up an item that continually impresses with each outing.

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