Thursday, 20 June 2013


Skinny fat ( adjective ): to appear skinny, but feel soft. Someone who is naturally thin but doesn’t ever work out. On the site, Urban Dictionary, they state ‘skinny fat’ means “to look slim, even with revealing clothes, but when touched, the touching hand sinks into fat before reaching the muscle.”
My Fitness Pal says “skinny fat is having a normal BMI but an obese level of body fat percentage. Studies have found that approximately 29% of people with average BMI fall into the ‘skinny fat’ definition.
After researching the controversial topic, I’ve come to the following conclusions:
Anyone who thinks ‘skinny fat’ is fine, may as well be smoking crack.
Skinny fat is bad.bad.bad. I mean, really!! Wake up! Just because someone’s skinny doesn’t mean they’re healthy!
Get real: if you eat like shit, you feel like shit, & eventually you’ll look like shit.
So. If you fall in to the ‘skinny fat’ category how can you fix it?
Duh! The old fashion way: clean eating, drinking tons of water, cutting back on rubbish, & obviously- EXERCISE!
Because honestly? If you’re already thin to begin with, don’t you want to be the best, toned version of yourself?
Don’t forget: 80% of success is showing up!!! See you at the gym ; )

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