Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Let’s talk periods.
It shouldn’t be some top secret, taboo, hush-hush topic. I mean, if you’re a female you’re most likely a member ( or retired member ) of the super fun menstrual club.
Here’s the deal: Aunt Flow causes cramps, irritation, & the world’s worst bloat. After researching WTF to eat for an easier period, this is what I came up with:
1.} Lentils: they’ll help to perk you up when energy levels are low. Lentils contain lots of fiber which alleviates bloating.
2.} Cilantro: yes, indeed. Add cilantro to your fresh AM juice. It’s the best natural anti-inflammatory ever!
3.} Walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, almonds: a great source of omega-3 fatty acids! Also, wild salmon is fab too. These contain Vit B-6 which helps relieve premenstrual cravings & exhaustion.
4.} Water: just.drink.it. Add a few squeezes of lemon because it’s wonderful for pesky, period pimples.
5.} Green veggies: because duh…? When are vegetables NOT amazing to eat? They’re high in calcium, magnesium, & potassium which relieve cramps & bloat.
6.} Watermelon: this fruit’s my jam. I love, love, love sliced watermelon when it’s my time of the month. It contains tons of water & it’s a natural diuretic.
7.} Pineapple: this contains high levels of bromelain, an enzyme that relaxes muscles & prevents cramping. MY FAVORITE FRUIT! but do be weary those of you that suffer with IBS, pineapple is acidic and can have a bad effect on the body.
8.} Tea: ginger tea relieves stomach pains! I like to add fresh ginger to my green tea.
So step away from the sugary shit & eat foods that will help alleviate symptoms & sickie bloating!
Other tips:
1.} Stay the F away from sugar. If you have to eat some sugs, grab dark chocolate. It’s full of antioxidants.
2.} Workout, peeps. If you move your body it will help with cramps. Stretching is great too!
Good luck : )!
Oh! And P.S. guys don’t get it- they’ll never get it ( they understand periods like they understand multi-tasking..HA!! ). So save the bitching for your girlfriends.

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