Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fashion Forward OR Fashion Fail??

lets face it, celebrities can wear the most outlandish outfits ever- but sometimes crazy ensembles are the biggest fashion trends.

Are you a true fashionista or just somebody that picks their outfit off the floor? (Come on, we know that you leave your clothes on the floor!) What's stylish and hip can look totally gross to some people, but like a beautiful work of art to another. Let's see how current you are with fashion trends!

What you generally wear is up to you, it's best to keep it classy and simple.

especially not all at once in one outfit!!!
Here are some basic must haves for spring 2012/2013

The Candy Floss coloured skinny jeans which are having a whirl wind effect on us all. Its a must have for a fresh clean look. Wear it simply, paired with a white t or a pretty shirt. Dress it up or down. My favourite colours are the baby pink and the shades of light blue.

Above are some of my favourite ways to dress up your skinny jeans , keeping it fresh and simple!


Currently, I am very into wedges, all kinds of wedges, especially the peep toe. The shoe you wear dresses your outfit down. If you have a very simple outfit, dress it up with a shoe, and if you have a busy shoe, keep your outfit simple.

always accerssorize with a bag and jewellery. After all we are woman, may as well make the most of it.

Hope you all have these goodies in your closets for spring!
happy dressing!!!


  1. love your dress sense.you are so stylish

  2. where can i purchase those jeans?

  3. kate middleton wears the jeans well.


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