Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday Favorites (and Fancies)

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a lazy, rainy week here in my corner of westville and I've really loved it. This weekend is going to be pretty calm too, just prepping for lots of social events. looks like september is really a month of birthdays. I picked up a new planner yesterday and quickly started filling it up last night with important dates for the new upcoming television series (im an addict), assignments and exam dates, and blog scheduling ;) It's amazing what a little thing like a new planner can do for your mood! Does that happen to you, too?

Enjoy the favorites and fancies below, loves!
So since the social calender is quite full, I've decided that my theme for the weekend will be a classy chic by day and swop loafers for a pair heels for the night ;)
below is my favourite and fancies, nothing like a white skinny to smoooth sail through the day.
the way to pair your skinnies for a casual chic look
the white skinny is the city girl must have, it can be dressed up or down, be worn casually or formally, and i dont think its remotely possible to go wrong. you can wear it with colours to make it look bright and vibrant or keep it classic with neutral shades of beige.

for a day out paired with a shirt.. casual and chic
 for a smart casual look
 for a chilly breeze, paired with a jacket for a autums day
 neutral shades and a bright shoe to bring some colour
 pastal shades words well with a white skinny jean, definitely a refreshing summers look

personally, I would recommend keeping your look clean and fresh like the above, too many buckles and studs can make the outfit look a bit clustered. so best to opt for a plain skinny with minimal zips and attachments, studs and buttons. That ensures you look fuss free as opposed to trying too hard!
 white skinny jeans are also excellent for winter

Nothing says refreshing summer attire quite like white skinny jeans. And when I've been shopping thus far, my inner monologue goes along the lines of:
“How gorgeous? This would look amazing with white skinnys.”
“Seriously? Imagine this with white skinny jeans”
I picture anything I’m about to buy as if I will certainly wear that item with white skinnys exclusively–it’s a problem. But I love it! They really DO look amazing with anything. Bright tops, bold prints, stripes and even a white wash out–all perfection. They’re the perfect summer staple to make you always look classic, buttoned-up and refreshingly stylish, don’t you think!?

For those of you with white skinny jeans already, i sense you pulling them out your closets and for those of you without them, i sense a shopping escapade;)

 i love the skinny jean worn with a button down top, nothing says elegant more than this look


 this would have to be my absolute favourite look for a skinny, its classic and sophisticated yet is young and vibrant with a bright colour

the winter white skinny

whether you stepping out to run errands or lunching with some friends, the white skinny jean is you closet go-to.


  1. LOVE THE white pants !!
    Definitely a must have!

  2. Love them to! The desserts make me go crazy! :P

    1. So glad!! Sure you sporting your white skinny perfectly


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