Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ombre (Dip Dye)

Jessica Biel has done it. Gwyneth Paltro, too. Rachel Bilson. Even I have given it a try.
What am I talking about?? Ombre Hair.
The French-termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. Finally, a trend that doesn’t require a busy woman of the world to run to the salon every 8-12 weeks for a touch-up!

When I mentioned the trend to my mum a few months ago, and showed her some pictures, she thought the celebrities looked as though they had missed one too many trips to the salon, while others were in love with the look. I feel somewhat ambivalent - when done right it can look natural and sunkissed, but it can also go very very very wrong if the lighter colour at the bottom goes brassy!!
While the Ombre trend started a while ago, it ended very quickly, many people jumped off the Ombre train with a crash landing. However now I see its back again for spring 2012, and it looks like this time, It's here to stay ;)

Usually, I would not describe myself as someone that is a slave to fashion, or someone that follows all the latest trends, I would describe myself as a simple girl who sticks to what she knows best and what suits me. I rarely ever try new things. But while watching one of my favourite series "Hart of Dixie" starring Rachel Bilson (which if you havn't been watching... please start!!) I was highly intrigued by her hair. Rachel Bilson plays the role of a Doctor Zoe Hart. To me it appeared as they were trying to make it look as though she was too busy to dye her hair, but it had a sunkissed look to it, I loved it. I did some research and found pictures of Ombre hair, one specifically caught my attention and I HAD TO HAVE IT. It was a picture of Jessica Biel with perfectly Ombred hair!!

The Ombre Hair I had to have!!!

So after 3 months of deliberation and FINALLY deciding I would NOT do Ombre hair .... I went for hair cut and all of a sudden in the salon, I decided , Impulsively to Ombre my hair. The Result??
I opted to do an Ombre look that was not as light as jessica biels, something that would suit my complexion and something that is quite close to my original hair colour!


I walked out of the salon a happy bunny, quite thrilled with my hair and how it looked. I am so glad I tried the ombre hair look, but I have come to the conclusion that ombre hair is not for me or my personality and not something I will do again, unless I'm feeling very risky that day and I decide to go as light in colour as Jessica Biels  ;). I think I'll stick to my usual look.

Hollywood actresses Drew Barrymore's and Rachel Bilson's tousled waves have become synonymous with two-toned locks. And pop stars like Lady Gaga and Ciara continue to flirt with extreme versions. However, there are a few styling basics us everyday girls should keep in mind when going ombre.
Ask your hairstylist questions before he or she breaks out the hair dye
When you visit the salon, bring in photographs of ombre you like, as there are softer versus more severe, trendy versions. Be sure to mention how you typically style your hair. For example, if you blow-dry daily, ombre will look super shiny. And if your texture is air-dried, ombre looks amazing, too. Brunettes going ombre can oxidize (chemical process in which hair color changes shades when exposed to oxygen and UV rays), so make sure to ask about the right shampoos to use and about how light the ends will be.
The good news: ombre works on all complexions
Women with light skin tones have more room to play with, as you can go for a more copper color. For medium skin tones, I’d recommend a more neutral to ash ombre, giving contrast to your ends and making your eyes pop. Darker skin should choose cooler ombre as well. I wouldn’t recommend gold, as it will look too monochrome. The point of ombre is to enhance your skin tone, not match it.
With this hair color, upkeep is simple


  1. Ombre looks fab on, u Mish

  2. Pls post a pic of the ombre dye on ur own hair.. I wuld lurrv to see it mish.

  3. The pictures with the seat belts are my ombred hair ;) but will post a full one soon


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