Monday, 2 September 2013

health conscious freak!!

Health conscious freak... yup that's me.

If you’re a health freak, you’re likely way ahead of the game when it comes to keeping yourself healthy and fit. You’re not satisfied with what mainstream medical experts tell you is good for you. You don’t go in for hype; you think outside the box. You know you are responsible for your own health.

Lately I have been going around in circles and indulging in fabulous but not so fit food. And its been making me feel super guilty, yet I have not really done much to change it. Albeit feeling super guilty for my blatant disregard for what I put into my body, I have finally seen the light of this unhealthy tunnel which I was power walking through and I'm happy to announce that I am BACK!!!

Not much damage has been done to my body considering that I was still active and involved in exercising, and lets be honest sometimes you just need the break to do and eat whatever you like, although I must admit at the back of my head I was always counting calories and always felt dreadful after indulging, NO ONE wants to feel that way after eating a glorious meal or snack, so lets I'm getting back to my healthy vicious eating ways and I hope you will be joining me!!

Remember to eat healthy, eat in moderation and exercise!!


  1. this is so funny and I love the pictures

  2. I am a health freak too

  3. great blog and great set up, I see you have improved on your theme


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