Friday, 22 February 2013

stress! stress! stress!

These past two weeks have been way more stressful than usual. I’ve been trying to juggle a hundred different things & it feels like I’m working 24/7. It just seems hard to well, relax.
Even when I should be relaxing, it’s not happening.
Lately it’s been go, go, go. Between a million e-mails about this blog, studying, assignments, reading cases, family, friends, etc IM POOPED!
I mean, does anyone else feel like there really, seriously isn’t enough hours in the day? Geezzzzzz.
Anyway, enough of the Debbie Downer crap…
These are the ways I’ve been dealing with the chaos. They’re all simple, natural remedies but each one has been helping me decompress.
How I say buh-bye to stress:
+ Ice cream fizzies + candles make for a the perf bubble bath. Add some hot water and lemon & I’m chilling.
+ musk & kukui nut body oils…because they’re just yummy.
+ Cucumber slices for my eyes…my mom swears by this.
+ And last but def not least, lavender aromatherapy. Call me crazy but I add a few drops plus water into a mini spray bottle ( << just like a magician!! ) & then spritz it my pillow. and then i take long, deep breaths ; ). Ahhhh.
Obviously my number one stress cure is a workout. But I’m sure you already knew that.
Happy Friday!

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