Wednesday, 14 November 2012

breakfast, why you must have it!

If you find yourself ravenous at lunch and unable to pass up fries...and something cheesy...and a brownie, it's not your midday meal that needs work--it's your breakfast.

Previous research has found that people who don't eat in the a.m. are 4.5 times more likely to be overweight, and among a registry of people who have lost more than 27 kg's and kept it off for at least five years, 78 percent start every morning with a meal.
Now new research from scientists at Imperial College London explains what happens in your brain if you do or don't "break the fast." In a study, 21 normal-weight people looked at pics of high-calorie foods while undergoing MRIs. One day they were given no breakfast before the scan, another day they were fed a robust 730-calorie breakfast an hour and a half prior to the MRI, and on both occasions they were later treated to lunch.
While not shocking, the results are telling: The area of the brain involved with "food appeal" was more activated in those with an empty belly. As a result, meal skippers were more attracted to the food photos, and they downed more calories at lunch--one fifth more. The scientists say the study supports the notion that fasting fuels hunger, ups the allure of high-calorie foods, and ultimately increases overall intake. In other words, skipping breakfast is essentially a recipe for weight gain.
A lot of my friends tell me they're just not hungry in the a.m., but you can change that. Start by eating something small and light, such as a mini apple, woolworths has the cutest kiku apples. Once your body gets used to it, tack on something else, like almonds. Next add a single-serve container of organic nonfat Greek yogurt or a dairy-free alternative, then start stirring in a whole grain such as al bran, which is rich in fibre. Before you know it, you'll be waking up ravenous, which is a good thing--it means your metabolism is now in high gear.

And if time is an issue, there are plenty of quick, nutrient-rich options. Here are three easy, breezy choices:
cold cereal: all bran with some skim cold milk
provita: with a light sprinkle of cheese salt and pepper
yoghurt: chopped with fruit and a sprinkle of museli

P.s- alot of you have a small breakfast, medium lunch and large supper, NO!!! It's a large breakfast, medium lunch and small supper, this works for weightloss, keeping in mind what you eat.

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