Monday, 8 October 2012

Soda: The Disgusting Drink that Does Nothing For You

This is a Strawberry Squash Punch! Recipe is Below!
I hate.hate.hate soda. In my opinion, it’s the most unhealthy beverage ever. However , I am a sprite zero addict, I love it, I find it hard to resist, but i limit my intake to ONCE a week or on special occassions! A tip for kicking a poisonous soda habit: wean yourself off by drinking sparkling water with a few splashes of any soda. Do this for about a week until you’re just guzzling plain water!
Anyway, here are the gross, unbearable details:
+ Cavities: yup, yup, yup. This crap coats the teeth, turning them brown. AND it makes your breath smell. EW.
+ Accelerated aging: many studies show soda can trigger accelerated aging.
+ Cancer-causing chems: the coloring in soda is known to cause cancer. Fact.
+ Weight gain: when you stopp drinking soda , you can lose almost 2 kilos in a week. Soda causes weight gain around the belly.
+ It does literally nothing for you: there’s no vitamins, nutrients, or benefits.
Oh! You’re drinking diet soda though? That’s worse. The Aspartame, fake sugars used in diet sodas cause bloating & don’t break down in the body properly.
Other drinks that suck: energy drinks: they are just as bad as soda, you may as well rinse your mouth with gasoline , “all-natural” sodas [ they are full of sugar ], low-sugar fruit juice - they contain added chemicals, no one wants all those added chemicals and fats (carbohydrates), & store-bought, flavored waters , which are fattening- keep yourself  healthy by drinking normal water & adding some fresh mint, lemon, &/or berries for flavour.
There’s too many options now-a-days to being fueling your body with this poo!!
WATER WATER WATER!!!! It's excellent for you!! Add some lemon for a tinge of taste.
Hot water and lemon does your body wonders. Its the best detox for you. Cut 3 slices of lemons to a large mugg of hot water. keep re-filling and drinking, it keeps you full so you dont have space for junk food and keeeps you detoxed!!
Drink your teas and coffees, and make homemade juices using FRESH fruit and OMMITTING THE SUGAR !!! Juices are incredibily rich in sugar and can completely throw your diet off.
okay so YOU love soda's? and are taking a day off from your diet?
here are some punch recipes:
pine apple punch:
1 pineapple grated into a pulp
2 litre sprite zero
kiwi and apples
make your pineapple into a pulp, add 2 litre sprite zero, and cut fruit for colour and a few ice cubes. perfect for when you have guests
strawberry punch:
1 Wool Worths strawberry squash concentrate
2 litre sprite zero
strawberrys cut
mint leaves
add a little strawberry squash, mix with some sprite zero , add cut strawberrys inside and a few mint leaves as well as ice cubes. serve
this comes out SO delicious, its my favourite.
for the ultimate weight loss, cut out all sodas as much as you can!!


  1. So true mish,a dash of apple cider vinegar in water is also great

    1. wish i thout of that earlier!!! great idea!


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