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Everyone who knows me, know I am an absolute health fanatic and freak! BUT there is only one weight loss organization that I would recommend to ANYONE!! and that is "weigh less". I have seen weigh less change the life of MANY people, for the better of course. AND IF YOU NEED IT IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE TOO!!
personally, "weigh less" is one of the healthiest diet and weight loss centre's as it give you a balanced meal, not depriving you of things such as 'carbs' - unlike other diet plans, as well as the fact that they DO NOT make you starve, you eat a healthy meal which keeps you FULL while losing weight at the same time! SO get down to your nearest "weigh less" NOW!
A very good school friend of mine, went onto the weigh less diet and LOST 21 KILOS in 10 MONTHS!!!
want to know how she did it? carry on reading!!!

Before you hear Fadeliah's story, I wanted to ask her a few questions, here it is...
 1.)Dieting isn't always easy, and majority of the time you see others eating junk, how did you resist?
been surrounded by people who constantly eat junk was and is still never easy .. when everyone is eating a big mac burger and you eat a salad,its very hard. it all came down to discipline and self control. i knew how badly i wanted to loose weight , so i resisted temptation and when you realize that you have overcome temptation, it is the best feeling you will ever experience

2.) Some days are really hard, and it takes a lot to not slip back into old habits, how did you resist?
there are days when all i want to do is throw in the towl, but then i remember how far I've come and all the handwork I've put into getting where i am now , and that in its own helps me to not slip back. on days that are really hard , i usually just hit the gym or go for a run - you will be amazed at how good you feel afterwards.

3. Weighless is a weight loss organization that I swear by, would you recommend it to others?
Absolutely !!! weigh less is the BEST weight loss programme i have ever encountered. it is not just a diet but it becomes a lifestyle. the thing i love about weigh less is that you are not restricted from eating things like carbs. you eat everything but in the correct quantities. it is a100% natural weight loss , no pills or slimming shakes and thats what makes it so rewarding.

4.) What do you eat now? What are your daily meals like?
well i eat 5 meals a day.Everyday is almost the same except you change some stuff around.
breakfast: consists of a carb and diary which would be your cereal and milk.
mid morning snack: a dairy serve, fat free/low fat yoghurt with a fruit.
lunch: consists of a carb in the form of bread,rolls,pita,wrap,crackers,rice cakes etc, protein and salad.
early afternoon snack : fruit
late afternoon snack: a protein and a carb
dinner: consists of carbs in the form of rice,pasta,potato wedges, baked potato etc, protein-fish,chicken or meat and i have 2-3 veggie serves.

as you can see, you eat quite a lot in the day and that keeps you from going hungry or feeling nibbling. theres also a lot of variety that you can choose from which makes each day exciting.
i eat a lot of chicken fillet or white meat and try have very little red meat. if you I do, i make sure it is lean.
the breads that i eat are all whole wheat or low GI brown.

most importantly, i have 2l/8 glasses of water everyday.
thats just a very basic outline of what i eat on a daily basis.
(fabbfitfun: Remember , everything fadeliah eats is measured and weighed, there are strict measurements and portion control, it is give or take, you cant eat it all, so if you want the recommened dietery allowance, visit weigh less!)

5.) Do you indulge now a days? And how often?

 there are times when i have a little cheat . and it is usually once a week.
it is vitally important to remember not to turn a cheat meal into a cheat day .
and do not allow a cheat to turn into a binge .
Now here is Fadeliah's story, followed by some before and after pictures.
Hi Everyone. Its such a privilege and an honour to be able to able to share with you my weight loss journey.I hope that by reading this you too will be motivated to make a positive change in your life , because if I can , then so can you .
My name is Fadeliah Sheikh-Yunoos and I am 20 years old.  Growing up, I was always the “big girl”. I was made fun of and laughed at during my primary school years because I was bigger or rather the biggest child in my grade. As I got older, so did I get bigger and bigger. Been on the hefty size runs through my genes , as almost all my family members on my paternal side are overweight. A lot of my weight gain in my senior years was due to comfort eating.
There came a point in my life where eating was my only escape. I loved dining out, ordering take out and always eating greasy, fatty meals. I can remember that I got so fat that I started feeling extremely uncomfortable with myself, my clothes no longer fitted me and I was just “ a round ball.” I found it difficult to walk up stairs and a simple thing like playing with my dogs was such an effort.
Slowly, my family started intervening and told me that I needed to do something about my weight. At first I rebelled and felt that they were picking on me but eventually I realized that I HAD to do something about the way I looked.
In June 2012, I took the step and I joined weigh less. I was extremely apprehensive because I had never been on a weight loss programme before.
Well , all I can say is that taking that step to join weigh less together with regular exercising was the best decision I had made. 10 months later, I stand proudly having lost 21kg’s.
The road to my weight loss did not come easy . it required  a lot of  dedication , commitment ,motivation, will power, discipline and most importantly , self control. The best feeling that I experienced and still do is standing on that scale and getting told that you have lost weight in that week. It makes you feel so good and motivates you even more for the week ahead. Hitting “ bumps In the road” is inevitable, but if you serious enough about loosing your weight, you will regain your motivation and get back on track.
Weigh-less is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle change. a lifestyle change that I really needed, and today I am reaping the benefit. Not only did this lifestyle change only affect my weight but it has also made me a lot more confident, increased my self-esteem and I feel sexy in almost everything I wear. Been constantly complimented on “how amazing I look”, makes me feel like all my time and effort I have put into this 10 months has really paid off. Going shopping now, is so much more enjoyable because I can try on a garment and it actually fits – best reward by far, as opposed to before where I had too put items back on the rail as they were too tight. This weight loss has made me a lot more active, less tired and I have energy that I’ve never had before.
The best advice that I can give you is to remember to NEVER compare yourself  to anyone else. Your body structure and metabolism is completely different to someone else’s. so don’t make goals for yourself based on others because then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Set goals for yourself based on your own metabolism and body structure, and ensure that the goals you set are attainable and realistic, and then you are on the road to success. No one ever said that weight loss is easy, all I’m saying is that its worth it …!!


 There you have it guys-- true dedication can get you there, and sometimes you feel you alone but you aren't, you have people experiencing similar difficulties! If you dislike your body, stop eating and do something about it. NO ONE CAN MAKE THE change, except YOU!!!
and remember, you never alone, fabfitfun is here with YOU :P ;)


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